• Why we do yoga everyday!

    Why do we love yoga so much and practise it everyday? 💕 Modern scientific research is providing empirical evidence for the benefits of yoga that we embody & experience ➡️ Some proven benefits of regular..

  • The joyful journey of yoga teacher training

    Embarking on a yoga teacher training is a big and wonderful commitment. ThIs type of course will ask of much of you in time spent learning about history, philosophy, physiology, yoga postures, breathwork, meditation and..

  • Vive La Reslience

    Let’s start with a simple statement of fact: times are uncertain. Actually, who are we kidding? Times are crazy; this whole year has pretty much been just…crazy. Some days it feels like we’ve all been..

  • Yoga for stress

    Yoga tools for stress management include yoga breathing, mindfulness, dharana (yoga concentration of the mind) and regulating the body through yoga postures for strength, flexibility and mobility. Each time we get on our mat we..

  • The Subtle Body

    The Subtle Body which is also known as Yogic Anatomy can be seen through the yogic map of consciousness of 3 Bodies: Physical, Astral and Causal within which we have 5 Koshas. The Five Koshas..

  • The Effects of YOGA

    Yoga is for everyone and regular practise will, also literally, improve all aspects of your physical and mental health. Doing yoga on a regular basis – be it weekly, every other day or every day..

  • Time-Out for the Soul

    One of the greatest gifts of practising yoga is that you can do it anytime and anyplace. It doesn’t need to be time consuming either; even a five-minute stretch or meditation or breath practise can..

  • Mantra Meditation & Kirtan for the soul

    Traditionally the goal of Yoga is to achieve truth; realising union of our Individual Soul with the Divine Soul as we remove the veil of illusion and awakening to the truth that we are Satchitananda..

  • Breathe the World Away – Make Meditation Part of your Day

    We live in exciting times; technological advances are exploding around us, all corners of the world are interconnected and accessible as never before, most of our ambitions have entered the realm of the possible thanks..

  • This Christmas Give Yourself the Gift of Self-Care

    The festive season is upon us and it seems as though it is bringing just as much stress and pressure as holiday cheer. In an ideal world, Christmas would be a time of reflection and..