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We offer personalised specialised Private Yoga tuition as well as specialised Therapeutic Yoga and Healing & Trauma-Informed Yoga Courses and Events.

These private and specialised sessions are tailored to your individual needs and goals for your personal journey of growth and wellbeing. Explore and learn Yogic techniques and teachings in a supported environment to help transform your life, together with modern holistic and balanced healing approach.

Areas of exploration, healing and growth with Therapeutic Yoga Sessions can include:

  • Anxiety and stress
  • Insomnia
  • Stress Management
  • Lack of energy
  • Depression
  • increased fitness, vitality, health and wellbeing
  • Meditation to suit you
  • Coming back to yoga after injury
  • Those new to yoga and wanting a personalised class tailored to you

HEALING INFORMED YOGA THERAPY – chakra body healing workshop

16 January 2021 @ 11am6pm

Our workshop uses unique and powerful integrated Trauma-Informed Yoga and Group Therapy with Trauma Psychologist and Yoga Teacher Helen Sheehy and Senior Yoga Teacher and Counsellor Jacqui Sellers. 

Feel supported in a nurturing and confidential space with caring and professional practitioners for healing through specialised yoga andgrouptherapy.  

Gain more freedom and empowerment, strength and resilience, healing and harmony, to be your best Self.  

When:Saturday 16th January 11-6pm 

Where:Brisbane Yoga Space 18 Nash St, Paddington

Cost: $350 includes afternoon tea.  


The day is an integration of therapeutic somatic work and yoga postures and breathing to explore the mind/body/emotion connection and shift the stress or trauma we hold in our bodies. We will work with each of the seven chakras, moving between an introduction to the emotional/somatic themes of each Chakra, yoga practice and meditation facilitated by Jacqui and individual and group therapy work using movement and yoga poses, voice and breathe, facilitated by Helen. The day has the foundations of safety and choice that are critical to working with trauma, so it is up to each participant to decide how much they want to work with their individual issues. What we have discovered in our previous work, is that the themes of other group members help the whole group and deepen safety and connection for everyone. Vulnerability is one of our greatest healing tools when experienced with safety and support.

Helen and Jacqui have a deep commitment to ensuring that this is a well-supported environment and have co-facilitated in this way previously. The title we’ve given the workshop recognises that our focus is on healing rather than trauma – whilst your emotion is welcome in the day and we are aware that our bodies hold on to a lot of issues we often don’t even realise we hold, it can be liberating to work with the wisdom in our bodies that helps release emotion. We also recommend that for those of us who have experienced abuse and trauma that you seek your own individual therapy, as the day will not have space for the telling of trauma stories. Much as we want to honour what people have been through, and there will be a process to set your intention for the day at the very beginning, we want you to focus on your body and emotion. We are all trained to live in our heads, and whilst the cognitive has value, it will not be the focus of our work. Adjustments will not be given unless specifically invited. 

BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL AND INTAKE FORM HAS TO BE COMPLETED for full registration: Please note this will be a closed day intensive with lots of confidential support, and compassion as you take this journey of healing-informed yoga therapy with us. 

To discuss if our course may be suitable please call Jacqui on 0408819515 or Helen on 0458258819 or email

We offer regular Yoga Therapy Days as well as our personalised 8 Week Group combining Trauma-Informed Yoga & Group Therapy with Jacqui Sellers (Yoga Alliance Gold Registered Teacher & Counsellor) and Helen Sheehy (Registered Psychologist of Emotif Counselling, Coaching and Training, Member of International Yoga Teachers Association).
This group would be suitable for people who are recovering from:

• Anxiety
• Depression
• Serious illness
• Exhaustion/Burn-out
• Psychological trauma

Our UNIQUE approach consists of weekly sessions which focus on holistic healing of mind, body and emotions. We hold a strong belief that psychological and physical well-being are deeply connected and with a well-supported, safe environment, people can learn to reconnect to their own ability to heal and develop a stronger sense of self.

Jacqui and Helen work effectively together, combining their strengths as experienced yoga teachers and therapists, and integrate Trauma Informed Yoga with experiential group process, mindfulness, gestalt and trauma release work. Whilst there are many trauma-informed yoga practices, these workshops provide a unique way of working, as they are much more personalised in their approach to individual needs, whilst benefiting from group support.

Healing Informed Yoga Therapy Day – January 16th, 11am-6pm @Brisbane YogaSpace