Personalised and therapeutic Private Yoga classes are one of the most effective form of Yoga, and one of the quickest way to reach your goals.

The whole concept of a Yoga “class” is relatively new as compared to the history of the practice. For centuries Yoga was not taught in group classes, but as a one-on-one practice. The reason you see so many styles of Yoga classes is that there are so many types of people, all with different proficiency levels.

A Private Yoga class ensures that you are gently guided in the right direction for your particular needs, that you are supported as you work towards goals that suit your body and your temperament; maximising your own personal growth.

We love sharing Private Yoga and aim to support your personal practise and help you learn powerful yogic tools and techniques to build self-resilience, peacefulness, strength and balanced body, mind and spirit.

Depending on your preferences a Private Class can be run at your home or at our studio with one of our passionate and experienced teachers.