Why we do yoga everyday!

Why do we love yoga so much and practise it everyday? 馃挄

Modern scientific research is providing empirical evidence for the benefits of yoga that we embody & experience

鉃★笍 Some proven benefits of regular yoga include

鉃★笍 Improved posture. Practicing yoga asanas (physical postures) can help improve posture and prevent pain due to tightness and postural imbalances

鉃★笍 Increased flexibility. Yoga helps increase flexibility and overall mobility and can help prevent injury

鉃★笍 Builds muscle strength. Yoga can help to strengthen muscles and keep us toned

鉃★笍 Boosts metabolism. Yoga helps retain vitality (prana) in your body along with keeping it fit. It can promote healthy eating and improve metabolism

鉃★笍 Helps in lowering blood sugar. Yoga has been shown to improve the body鈥檚 sensitivity to insulin and digestion.

鉃★笍 Increased circulation.Yoga breathwork and relaxation exercises regulate blood to all parts of your body. More vigorous postures and restorative inversions such as handstand and downward dog and legs up the wall help venous blood from the lower body flow back to your heart to be pumped back to the lungs to reoxygenate

鉃★笍 Boosts immunity. Yoga asana, breathwork and meditation have a beneficial effect on the immune system and can help the physical body & nervous system be resilient

鉃★笍 Increased self-esteem and spiritual well-being. Practicing yoga can help you enjoy an increased self worth,optimism & better mental well-being.

鉃★笍 Improves lung function. Yoga breathing exercises (pranayama) can improve lung function and increase the lungs capacity.

鉃★笍 Stress resilience, relaxation and improved sleep. A holistic yoga practise can balance our nervous system,reduce stress,promote relaxation and improve quality of sleep

鉃★笍 Connection. Group yoga has been shown to promote a sense of community known to be an important factor in social wellbeing, confidence and positivity.

鉃★笍 So many reasons (& so many more like It鈥檚 FUN & feels GREAT!) we practise every day & would love to share them with you!

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  1. Simran Sanotra says:

    I appreciated your post on yoga. It’s a reminder that progress comes with consistent practice and patience.

  2. Meghna says:

    The way you’ve articulated the mind-body connection in yoga resonated with me deeply. Your insights have reinforced my commitment to maintaining a regular yoga routine, knowing that it not only nurtures physical health but also contributes to mental clarity and emotional balance.

    Thank you for shedding light on the myriad benefits of yoga.

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