AT BYS we are super passionate about sharing a comprehensive and holistic yoga teacher training to help people on an inspiring journey of learning, practise and growth.


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Yoga Teacher Training Courses

  • Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training

    250Hr Plus Level 1 Advanced with Yoga Alliance

    Our Level 1 course is a comprehensive Vinyasa Training with classical yoga philosophy, anatomy & physiology, best teaching methodology, lots of practice, student support and much more.

    Whether you want to become a yoga teacher or just deepen your own journey our holistic course may be for you! With lots of emphasis on practise as well as theory, we invite you to join this journey towards living yoga through a supportive course with experienced and passionate trainers.

    Since inception of our YTT in 2014, we are passionate about providing a complete and holistic approach to the journey of YOGA TEACHER TRAINING.

    Our training is fully accredited by Yoga Alliance Australia International, allowing all students who successfully complete the course to be a Level 1 250HR Plus Registered Yoga Teacher and able to teach at home in Australia and internationally.

    Check out our Course Outline below see below as well as our Frequently Asked Questions and our YTT Application Form below.

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    Course Snapshot

    Our Level 1 Teacher Training is a Vinyasa Yoga Training based on classical yoga philosophy together with modern Vinyasa Flow in a supportive and inspiring learning environment. The course is suitable for people with at least 1 years regular yoga practice and a proven commitment to further deepening your understanding of yoga, whether that is for your own personal self development or to become a qualified yoga teacher.

    • The 10 month course is run over 13 weekends :
    • Weekend in-studio training hours: Saturday 10.30-5.30pm & Sunday 10.30-3.30pm
    • As well as attend all weekend study modules, Teacher Trainees will need to complete a certain amount of classes with Heather, Jacqui and other teachers at BYS, as well as do a class observation and towards the end of the course, practice teaching a community class at BYS. (All classes at BYS are free of charge during the training.)
    • Head Training Facilitator Heather Kinang and Jacqui Sellers will be joined by other specialised senior yoga teachers and yoga specialists including Maitha Mehta, Cecilia Flux and Keren Cooksey (Falmouth YogaSpace) for a philosophy session via Skype.
    • For the duration of the course, all classes at BYS are free of charge and it is expected that you’ll attend regular weekly classes as well as committing to a daily home yoga and meditation practice
    • There is regular homework, reading and self-study which needs to be handed in as part of the accreditation criteria
    • Final Course assessment will include one practical exam and one theory exam
    • Our course is accredited with Yoga Alliance Australia and will enable you to register as a 250Hr Level 1 Advanced Yoga Teacher upon successful completion

    Teacher training at Brisbane Yoga Space was amazing and life changing! Jacqui and her team are incredibly knowledgeable and dedicated. The course was fascinating, well paced and informative. I loved every minute of it!

    ~ MM, Graduate 2017

    Course Investment & Payment Options

    *Please note our Course Tuition includes UNLIMITED CLASSES at our studio for the duration of the course.

    • Full price $4,150
    • Monthly payment plan – $600 non-refundable deposit to secure your spot by 10th February plus 10 monthly payments of $385 due on the 15th of each month,

    OUR 250+hr Level 1 YOGA TEACHER TRAINING Is a transformative journey to becoming a yoga teacher. We believe that yoga is a lifelong journey and continued study and professional development is essential. Our studio offers ongoing Level 2 training options as well as options for ongoing support and mentoring to support you.

    • To apply and join us on this empowering journey, please click on the Application Form below. Successful applicants should be in good health and have the time and dedication to undertake and complete this course so as to offer it the focus, respect and dedication it requires. Please think seriously about the commitment involved in undertaking this course and ensure you can attend all modules and allow the time required for classes and homework.
    • Please note that paying for the course does not result in automatic accreditation as a Yoga Teacher. Meeting the course requirements includes classes attended, successful homework and course assessment, home practice and active course participation. These components together with embracing passion, commitment and dedication to the path of yoga and will result in YOGA TEACHER Training certification.
    • For more information, please read through the documents below of our Course Outline and Frequently-Asked-Questions at the top of this page.

    TO APPLY please compete and forward the APPLICATION and RELEASE Form above to Upon receipt of your APPLICATION and RELEASE form, we will be in touch to arrange a meeting to complete your application. Alternatively please call or email to arrange a non-obligation chat at the studio or over the phone with us.

    *For more information on Yoga Alliance Australia please visit the Yoga Alliance International website.






  • Level 2 Yoga Teacher Training

    Level 2 Yoga Teacher Training

    50Hr Plus with Yoga Alliance


     Saturdays 10.30am-5pm

    Upgrade your teaching skills with our dynamic and holistic Level 2 Yoga Teacher Training with senior teachers and mentors Jacqui Sellers and Heather Kinang. Please contact us to book in! * Full details coming soon or please get in touch. Open to all yoga teachers. 

    Our 50-hour Level 2 course is accredited with Yoga Alliance (International) and provides an integrated Level 2 Yoga Teacher Training and continued professional development course run over 5 months (one Saturday a month).

    5 x Level 2 Training comprehensive days to chose from…Do one, some or all depending on your areas of interest and what you may like to further develop and focus on, both personally and within your teaching.

    OUR 50 Hour LEVEL 2 course is open to all yoga teachers and dedicated yoga students wanting to further their knowledge and personal practise as well as deepen their teaching skills. 50 Hours Certification with Yoga Alliance Continued Education training or chose to do one or more day intensives with partial credit hours (eg. min 8 hours Yoga Alliance accreditation)

    Intensive Format: Saturday’s 11am – 6pm

    Discount pricing for returning students and full dates to be confirmed shortly.

    MODULE 1: YOGA, its roots, VINYASA and the Art of Sequencing
    Vinyasa Sequencing including Practise designing a new yoga class intelligently and with safe sequencing principles.

    MODULE 2: YogAnatomy
    This module will be a dynamic mix of experiential learning methods & lecture-based explanation, and will provide many insights to deepen and enrich ones’ understanding, practice and teaching of yoga poses and movement. Learn about human anatomy, kinesiology, physiology and applied biomechanics.

    MODULE 3: Bhakti Yoga & the Art of Creative Sequencing
    Tap deeper into the heart of bhakti vinaysa yoga and the art of blending harmony filled classes and deepening your own practise and sadhana.

    MODULE 4: Foundations of Yin Yoga
    Connect to deeper levels of the body/heart/mind: the connective tissues of the ligaments, fascia, joints and bones and the energetic channels of the meridians, nerves and blood system. The long-held, passive nature of the Yin Yoga postures give time for a deeper journey to unfold, a journey into the meditative aspects of yoga, a bridge to living life mindfully.

    MODULE 5: Deeper Teaching Skills
    Learning to be more trauma aware as a yoga teacher as well as look into the art of assists and adjustments, supporting ourselves and our students and deepening our practise of self care as well as co-support and co-creating as yoga health professionals.


    Level two, 50 HOUR Yoga Teacher Training

    IN-STUDIO – $250 each Day Intensive or $1000 for the whole series of 5 sessions. Successful graduates will receive a 50 hour Yoga Alliance Level 2 certification.

    ONLINE – $900 whole course with electronic manual to be provided

    *$150 whole course discount for returning students

    To register:
    To join us in this transformative and inspirational Level 2 Teacher Training, please email us the registration form or contact Jacqui or Heather for a non-obligation chat:

    ABOUT Jacqui Sellers (YA RYT 500Hr)
    Teaching for 15 years with love, dedication and passion for this art, science and philosophy that is yoga. (BKS Iyengar). BYS owner and director of Brisbane YogaSpace, Jacqui is a senior yoga teacher and yoga therapist whose teachings are informed through a balance of modern yoga and functional anatomy with classical yoga philosophy and relevant application of yoga through body,mind and spirit.

    Her teachers and sources of inspiration include Adamji and Maaji Bornstein of Radiant Light Yoga, Jasmine Tarkeshi and Emily Stone of Laughing Lotus USA, Tam James of YogaPhysio and the classical teachings of Swami Sivananda and Swami Vishnu-Devananda. As a counsellor and yoga therapist, Jacqui also has experience in group yoga therapy settings as well as facilitating specialised private yoga therapy, trauma-informed yoga and training yoga graduates since 2014 and most recently has studied with the creator of Trauma Sensitive Yoga, David Emerson of the Trauma Research Justice Centre in Boston in 2018. Jacqui is currently completing her Behavioural Science degree in psychology.


    ABOUT Heather Kinang (YA E-RYT 500)
    Heather is a self-professed yoga nerd. She first stepped onto a yoga mat at university when she was dragged to her first class and floated out the door. Born in Brisbane, a love of travel and adventure soon lured her to SE Asia, India and Nepal where she resided for several years, studying Buddhism and Hinduism – it’s Gods and Goddesses, it’s myths and mantras – from her Kathmandu family.

    Heather’s Yoga Teacher Trainings include –

    2007 – 200 hour Anusara Teacher Training under the guidance of Noah Maze & Sianna Sherman who both continue to mentor her.

    2010 – Julie Smerdon’s Level 1 200 hour Teacher Training in Brisbane

    2014 – Sianna Sherman’s Level 1 200 hour Teacher Training in Los Angeles

    2017/2018 – Noah Maze’s Level 2 300 hour Teacher Training in Brisbane

    2020 – She recently refreshed her skills with Noah Maze’s 2020 Level 1 200 hour teacher training (online).

    Douglas Brooks is her philosophy guru.

    Maty Ezraty & Elena Brower are major influences.

    Her Yin Yoga teachers include Sarah Powers (100 hour teacher training in Los Angeles 2014) and Joe Barnett (50 hour teacher training in Brisbane 2015)

    Heather’s classes are challenging and informative with an emphasis on physical alignment. She believes a consistent yoga practice helps you achieve your highest level of wellbeing, both physically and emotionally, because, as Heather realised after her very first yoga class, the lessons learned on the mat are lessons for life.

    She is a Yoga Teacher Trainer, organises and leads Yoga Treks to Nepal and teaches locally, nationally and internationally.

  • Mentoring for Yoga Teachers

    Are you a new Yoga Teacher and want personalised support to help you navigate new teaching skills and learn more ways to enhance your yoga journey both professionally and personally?

    PROFESSIONAL YOGA MENTORING and career development sessions can assist new teachers or those wanting to change or grow their careers in yoga, be prosperous in their profession. These sessions will provide individual care so that you are supported personally in a sometimes changing and competitive yoga and health industry.

    Please contact us to discuss our mentoring packages or to arrange a personal specialised Yoga Teacher Development or CPD session.

Enquire about becoming a Yoga Teacher

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BYS Teacher Training Testimonials

I undertook my Level 1 yoga teacher training through Brisbane Yoga Space in 2017. The course was challenging at times but so very rewarding. At the time I started, I wasn’t sure what I was hoping to personally gain from the course apart from improving my asana technique. I learnt so much more! I have transformed from a person that was lacking in confidence and suffering anxiety and depression due to a big life change, into a happy, confident and independent person. I know I personally had a lot to do with the change but I’m not sure how quickly it would have occurred without the teacher training. I received a total mind, body and spirit workout. The dedicated team of teachers were wonderful. Jacqui as the main teacher was so kind, caring, helpful and encouraging….I’ve always had a passion for educating children and now I teach kids yoga. It brings so much joy to my life. My full time occupation is in education administration, it’s hard and it’s busy and I love it but the highlight of my week is teaching children the beauty of yoga. Thank you Jacqui and BYS

~ DB, BYS Graduate

Completing my YYT with Jacqui And the BYS team was absolutely wonderful. Jacqui is so knowledgeable, thorough and she deeply cares about all the individuals that undertook the course. I felt well prepared and confident to start teaching yoga because I had such fantastic foundations and mentoring from The BRISBANE Yogaspace YTT.

~ SA, BYS Graduate