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BYS Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Alliance Australia <250 Hr Plus>

March-December 2019

At Brisbane Yogaspace we are passionate about teaching and sharing yoga and about providing a complete and holistic approach to the journey of Yoga Teacher Training. We developed our Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training to do exactly that and our course is fully accredited by Yoga Alliance Australia allowing all students who successfully complete the course to be a Level 1 250 Plus Hr registered yoga teacher able to teach at home in Australia and internationally.

*Our next 250hr level 1 course will start in March 2019 and will run until December 2019 over 13 weekends.

*2019 dates – March to December – weekend dates soon to be advised 

Course Snapshot:

Our BYS Level 1 Teacher Training is a Vinyasa Yoga Training based on Patanjali’s 8 Limbs of yoga. The course is suitable for people with at least 2 years regular yoga practice and a proven commitment to further deepening your understanding of yoga, whether that is for your own personal self  development or to also become a qualified yoga teacher.

  • The course will be run over 13 weekends – March to December 2019.
  • Weekend Module dates are on our BYS-200HOUR-LEVEL-1 – to be advised.
  • Weekend in-studio training hours are Friday 6-8pm, Saturday 10.30-6pm and Sunday 10.30-3.30pm
  • As well as attend ALL weekend study modules, trainees will need to complete a certain amount of specialised classes with Jacqui and other teachers at BYS, as well as do class observations and towards the end of the course, practice teaching a community class
  • Head Training Facilitator Jacqui will be joined by other specialised senior yoga teachers and yoga specialists including Heather Kinang, Tam James, Cecilia Flux and Keren for philosophy sessions via Skype
  • For the duration of the course, all classes at BYS are free of charge and it is expected that you will attend regular weekly classes as well as committing to a daily home yoga and meditation practise
  • There is regular homework, reading and self-study which needs to be handed in on time as part of the accreditation criteria
  • Final Course assessment will include one practical exam and one theory exam
  • Our course is accredited with Yoga Alliance Australia and will enable you to register as a 250 hour level 1 yoga teacher upon successful completion

*Course Investment & Payment Options:

Early Bird $3,700 (payable by 1st January in full)

Full price $3,950 by 1st April

Monthly payment plan $500 deposit by 1st March plus 10 monthly payments of $360 March to December.

  • The 250 hour Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training course is meant to serve as an introduction to your path as a yoga teacher. Yoga is a lifelong journey and continuous study and professional development is essential and we can recommend further trainings in Australia or overseas as well as offering CPD courses and ongoing support and mentoring.
  • To apply, please click on the link below. Successful applicants should be in good health and have the time and dedication to undertake and complete this course so as to offer it the focus, respect and dedication it requires. Please think seriously about the commitment involved in undertaking this course and ensure you can attend all modules and allow the time required for classes and homework.
  • Paying for the course does not result in accreditation as a yoga teacher. Meeting the course requirements (classes to attend, successful homework and assessment, home practice and active course participant) together with embracing passion, commitment and dedication to the path of yoga will result in BYS Yoga Teacher Training certification.

For more information, please check out our faqs-bys or to apply please email Jacqui or complete the bys-application and bys-release-form, Jacqui will then be in touch to arrange a meeting to complete your application.


Jacqui and Keren

For more information on Yoga Alliance Australia please visit the Yoga Alliance International website.

Enquire about becoming a Yoga Teacher:

For more information about our course or to have a casual chat about the course with no obligations, please fill out the below form.


50 Hr Himilayan Yin Yoga Teacher Training

December 5-9th

  • We are excited to host this wonderful Level 2 50 Hr Himalayan Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Tara Ahern at our studio this December.Join Tara and her team on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual bliss to become a Yin Yoga teacher and journey within.The focus of this Teacher Training is on the practice and throughout the course you will gain the skills and confidence to competently share with your learnings with friends, family + students.​*This course is accredited with Yoga Alliance and will comprise YIN ESSENTIALS Plus Module B (Yin Anatomy) with the following modules:

    *YIN ESSENTIALS:- History
    – Yoga
    – Hatha Yoga
    – Himalayan Tradition
    – Vedanta
    – Tantra
    – The Tao
    – Yin Yoga

    *Principles of Yin Yoga:

    – 8 Major joints of the body
    – Skeletal variations
    – Planes + Directions of Movement
    – Compression v Tension
    – Theory of Exericse
    – Exercise of Yin and Yang Tissues

    *Practice of Yin Yoga:

    – target areas
    – length of time to hold a passive pose
    – finding the correct degree of resistance
    – surrendering to the pose
    – coming out of the pose
    – experiencing the rebound

    *How to Teach Yin Yoga:

    – 20 Plus Yin Yoga Postures
    – Modifications
    – Use of Props
    – How to sequence a class
    – Ethics and Standards
    – Learning Prescription – Shravana, Manana, Nididhyasa or Yoga Citta Vritti Nirodha
    – Uncover and clarify the true path of Yoga
    – Share knowledge and understanding of the Yin Yoga approach
    – communicate the difference between a Yin “passive” and a Yang “Dynamics” style of yoga
    – share the value of the Yin practice
    – Stirah + Sukham

    Tara is the founder of Himalayan Yin Yoga and it is her fervent desire to foster Himalayan Yin Yoga teachers who teach from their heart and creativity. As a teacher of teachers Tara believes passionately teachers need to set out on a journey of personal transformation before they are ready to teach Yoga to others.This is particularly true with Yin Yoga as it is a practice that is personal and unique to each practitioner. As the Himalayan Yoga tradition is one to which a person will feel “called” Tara seeks teachers who are committed to lifelong learning.

  • InvestmentEarly Bird $850 by 1st October
    Full price $950


Wednesday 10.30-5.30pm

Thursdsay 11.30-5.30pm

Friday 12-6pm

Saturday 11-6pm

Sunday 10.30-3.30pm

  • Course spaces are limited to ensure maximum student support and course facilitation. Please note this course is 50 hours and includes non-contact work and assessment.
  • For full course details and application
  • HTTPS://
  • Please read full course details via the link below or please email Jacqui


Yoga Teacher Mentoring

Are you a new yoga teacher and want a mentor to help you navigate new teaching skills and ways to enhance your journey both work wise and personally?

Mentoring sessions with senior teacher Jacqui (YA GOLD) can help a new teacher grow in their profession as well as be supported personally and avoid pitfalls of the competitive industry.

PLEASE Contact Jacqui to discuss a mentoring session or collaboration.