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At our fully-equipped yoga studio in beautiful inner-city Rosalie, we offer a range of daily yoga classes to suit all levels. Our yoga practices combine breath and movement to help still the chatter in the mind and bring us a sense of inner peace while developing greater flexibility, strength, rejuvenation, mindfulness and relaxation.

We have a range of classes to suit all levels, so browse our teachers and class styles and see what suits you best. As well as our 25 classes per week, we offer regular Masterclasses and Workshops, Yoga Retreats and Yoga Teacher Training.

Yoga is a holistic practise that helps strengthen and balance our body, mind and spirit. In our classes you will learn effective breathing techniques, yoga postures for increased flexibility and strength as well as relaxation and mindfulness for mind and heart.

Benefits of an regular yoga practise include better health, increased stress management, better quality of sleep, improved concentration, reduced anxiety, more positive outlook and feeling more in tune and connected with your health and physical well-being.

Brisbane YogaSpace was established in June 2008 in Red Hill originally by Keren Cooksey and Jacqui Sellers and continues to be a dedicated yoga studio passionate about offering all things yoga and meditation. Together with our amazing team of experienced, highly qualified and dedicated teachers we are passionate about helping our students find more peace, centre, strength, grounding and empowerment through yoga.

A balanced and holistic yoga practise can serve our wellbeing of body, mind, heart and soul. We look forward to welcoming you you Brisbane Yogaspace and our wonderful community and sharing our love of yoga.


YAI-RYT 500 Gold

Brisbane Yoga Space Director and Owner, Jacqui is a Yoga Alliance GOLD teacher and has been studying and practising Yoga for over 15 years. Jacqui continues the lifelong journey of growth, sharing and discovery of the infinite facets of Yoga.

Originally attracted to the wholeness, balance and meditative bliss of Classical Hatha yoga, Jacqui has also studied Iyengar, My Health Yoga, Radiant Light Yoga, Laughing Lotus and Sivananda Yoga to now teach her balance of Hatha Flow Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga with deep awareness on the flow of prana, our vital life force, developed together with inner poise, strength, grace and mindfulness of classical Yoga.

Jacqui began her Teacher Training journey with Carrie Anne Fields of My Health Yoga in 2006 and has also completed training with Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre in Madurai, India and has also completed her Level 1 & 2 Teacher Training with Adam and Akash Bornstein of Radiant Light Yoga. In 2014 Jacqui completed an Advanced Teacher Training with Jasmine Tarkeshi and Emily Stone of Laughing Lotus (Lotus Flowtm).

In March 2018 Jacqui completed Trauma Sensitive Yoga training with David Emerson and Jennifer Turner in Boston, USA. Together with her counselling practise she continues on this learning journey of specialised therapeutic yoga with the goal to help others in need including those with anxiety and stress as well as complex trauma and PTSD.

Jacqui is forever grateful to all her teachers and guides of Yoga and feels humbled and forever inspired to be sharing the joys of Yoga in all its forms with our students.


Yoga truly is a journey within, to the discovery of our true nature, peace and inner bliss. A sacred transformational tool to expand our hearts and live with Spirit.

Om Namah Sivaya, Jacqui