At Brisbane Yoga Space we are committed to providing yoga with the best yoga teachers that are highly qualified and experienced, dedicated and passionate about sharing yoga.

Join us at class or have a read here about the benefits of yoga and learn a little more about our personal journey, inspirations and love of yoga.

Meet Our Teachers:

  • Jacqui Sellers

    Jacqui Sellers

    Brisbane Yoga Space Owner & Director

    YAI-RYT 500 GoldYAI-RYT 500 Gold

    Brisbane Yoga Space Director and Owner, Jacqui is a Yoga Alliance GOLD level teacher and has been studying and practising Yoga for over 15 years and began teaching in 2006. Since opening Brisbane YogaSpace in 2008 (originally in Red Hill), Jacqui continues the lifelong journey of growth, sharing and discovery of the infinite and profound facets of Yoga.

    Originally attracted to the wholeness, balance and meditative bliss of Classical Hatha yoga, Jacqui has also studied Iyengar, My Health Yoga, Radiant Light Yoga, Laughing Lotus and Sivananda Yoga to now teach her balance of Hatha Flow Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga with deep awareness on the flow of prana, our vital life force, developed together with inner poise, strength, grace and mindfulness of classical Yoga.

    Jacqui is a trauma-informed yoga teacher and currently studying a Bachelor of Behavioural Science in Psychology to further support students through yoga therapeutically for healing and wellness.

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  • Heather


    Heather first stepped onto a yoga mat at university in 1981 when she was dragged to her first class and floated out the door. A qualified Mountain Guide since 1985 and Certified Fitness Professional since 1990, she has an ongoing love of the outdoors, cycling, swimming and running. She commenced her RYT 200 teacher training certification with Julie Smerdon in 2013. In 2014 she graduated from the Sianna Sherman Yoga Academy in Los Angeles with a further RYT 200 teacher training certification.

    Heather’s classes are challenging and informative with an emphasis on physical alignment, whilst drawing on her love of myth, mudra and mantra to guide your practice. She believes a consistent yoga practice helps you achieve your highest level of wellbeing, both physically and emotionally, because, as Heather realised after her very first yoga class, the lessons learned on the mat are lessons for life.

  • Maitha


    Maitha has dabbled in yoga since she was a small child, when she used to watch tv in shoulder stand. She has practiced on and off for years but only became really serious about it after she had her second child. Maitha loves the union of mind, body and breath that you get from a regular yoga practice and most importantly, strives to help others achieve their yoga goals through a sense of Lila (fun) and joy, on and off the mat.

    She graduated from 250Hour Level 1 vinyasa training at BYS in 2017 and loves teaching at the studio as well as some corporate Yoga and being part of our Yoga Teacher Training team!

  • Louise


    Louise considers herself an ‘experiential guide.’ Utilising and sharing her accumulated insights, skills and techniques, she creates a safe space and facilitates self-exploration for her students and clients through the experience of movement, mindfulness and reflection.

    Informed by 20+ years of experiences and training in modalities including but not limited to: Homeopathy, Yoga, Theta Healing, Vipassana Meditation, Crystals, Reiki, Chakras, and Wellness Coaching. Louise hopes to inspire and help others transform and live their lives as their best self.

    Louise has been practising yoga and meditation for over 15 years and has been teaching since 2015. She is a compassionate and mindful guide who, in recognising and valuing the journey of the individual, counsels students/clients with their pace and body type in mind.

    Taking great care in cultivating confidence, awareness and insight into body, mind and soul. Her classes/sessions provoke connections and meaning for the student/client to draw experience from. Resulting in tangible changes in an individuals’ home and work life including; increased positivity and energy, stress relief, alleviated ailments and improved concentration, focus and creativity.

  • Suzie


    Suzie is a yoga teacher, mum, business owner, and lover of guacamole, coffee and good conversation. She has been practising yoga for a decade and after wanting to connect on a deeper level undertook her 250+ hour yoga teacher training at Brisbane Yoga Space. Whether it’s through a yoga practice, a gratitude meditation, or a conversation over coffee about life goals, her mission is to help people connect to themselves and others, deeply, wholeheartedly and courageously.

    Suzie believes the practise of yoga is simple, be yourself. She believes that showing up for yourself is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. She’s passionate about encouraging others to move, breathe, feel, and heal on and off their yoga mats. And she hopes that her students walk away with a little nugget of wisdom about themselves and humanity each practise.

  • Alana


    Alana first stumbled across yoga and meditation in 2004. At the time she was living in a rural town where no one had heard of such a thing, so she taught herself from dog eared books and later videos. She deepened her practice by learning sitting and walking meditation from Buddhist monks in Cambodia, studying reiki in Thailand, dancing barefoot on beaches, becoming involved in grassroots environmental movements, working as a professional life model, trying to make it as a writer, and along the way completed her first teacher training in 2015 with Power Living . She has since sat at the feet of many great teaches, and delights in bringing you their practices. These include things learned from studies in Yin with Evolve Yoga; meditation with Dr Lorin Roche and Ralph de la Rosa; subtle practice with Rose Baudin, Bess Prescott and Tahl Rinksy; somatic stress release with Dr Scott Lyons; Traditional tantra with Dr Carlos Pomoda, Bess Prescott and Tahl Rinksy; embodied anti-racism with Francesca Marguerite Maximé, and trauma informed yoga with Mei Lai Swan.

    Alana’s teaching is also informed by her work as a cultural anthropologist and researcher, where she examines the politics of emotion and embodied social justice.

  • Emily


    Emily is a former lawyer turned yoga teacher and has been practicing yoga since her first year of University in 1997. Since then it has been a constant companion through all of her adventures in life since. Yoga has become an essential tool for Emily to cultivate the calm mind, strong body and positive outlook she relies on to be the best version of herself.

    Brisbane Yoga Space is Emily’s home away from home and she recently deepened her practice by completing 250+ hour Vinyasa teacher training with her mentors Jacqui and Heather.  What began as a quest for the perfect ‘crow’ pose evolved into an integrated body, mind and soul practice, and a strong desire to share her love of yoga through teaching.  Emily believes that the way we ‘do’ our yoga is the way we ‘do’ our life and that the lessons in discipline, humility, restraint, strength and awareness serve us both on the mat and in our every day.

    Emily’s Vinyasa classes are thoughtfully sequenced to build strength, flexibility and concentration and her Restorative classes are a tonic for our hectic lives..to combat that feeling of overdrive and cultivate the skill of conscious relaxation as you let tension and stress melt away from your body, mind and soul.

  • Jo


    Arriving in Australia from London in the late 1980s Jo’s initial practice in Oz was with a lovely Ashram in Darwin, her previous English yoga experiences centred on classes in footless tights and dusty Church Halls!  Since settling in Brisbane to raise a family Jo has been a regular practitioner at YogaSpace, she loves the ambient, creative atmosphere of the studio and its talented teachers.

    Completing her Yoga teacher training in 2020 with Jacqui Sellers and Heather Kinang, Jo considers herself a new and evolving teacher and an old practitioner.  Keen to share the benefits of the wonderful gifts that yoga can bestow her classes are designed for Every Body.  She is passionate about notions of inclusion, physical empowerment and mental well being.  She is currently undertaking further teacher training to extend her knowledge and practice.  Jo would love to welcome you to share a class and to Brisbane YogaSpace.

  • Mani


    “I first attended a yoga class as a child, having being introduced to it by my mother. From then on, the asana practice came and went, in and out as I went through school and university. During my 20’s I reconnected with yoga and it became a daily practice. As my understanding of yoga has moved beyond a physical practice, I now know that I practice everyday with or without a mat.

    I have been fortunate enough to study with great masters, including 5 trips to mysore to study with Guru Sharath Jois. I have practiced under the guidance of the esteemed Eileen hall for 10 years and also apprenticed with her for 2 of those years. The depth of learning is bottomless and I have enjoyed workshops with David Swenson, Richard Freeman, Kino Mcgregor, Danny Paradise, Dena Kingsberg, Sharmila Desai, amongst others.

    It is my passion to share the practice with others, in the hope that the bliss of union can be experienced.

    Om Shanti”

  • Tamara


    Tamara first discovered yoga quite by accident as a young child, popping up into a shoulder stand while copying her older sisters. Back then it didn’t have a name, it was just fun.

    Discovering meditation as a teenager was the start of a lifelong fascination with the science of the mind. With qualifications in psychology, hypnotherapy, neurolinguistic programming, coaching and mental health first aid, Tamara’s passion for yoga grew as it helped her connect with her body and live more from her heart than her head.

    A lover of lifelong learning, Tamara completed her 250+ hour teacher training with Brisbane Yoga Space in 2020. Through mindful movement, breathing and alignment, Tamara’s classes focus on building confidence through connection with the Self.

  • Debbie


    Our Kids Yoga Teacher Debbie has practised yoga for about 15 years but found it’s benefits particularly invaluable during a very challenging time in her life. Working in a school environment, Debbie who is also a Certified Health Coach is passionate about educating the benefits of living a healthy and holistic lifestyle incorporating yoga to children and teens.Debbie completed her Teacher training at BYS in December 2017 and credits it with helping her become more self-confident, resilient, grateful, physically stronger and content in her everyday life. Debbie is passionate about helping kids and families benefit whilst growing in spirit and strength with yoga.