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*Our YOGA STYLES and types of classes on our LIVE TIMETABLE are outlined below. For questions or enquires please call us on 0408 819 515 or email _______________________________________________________


Our general Vinyasa classes are suitable for all levels and focus on linking yoga postures in a flowing sequence that enhance our bodies, minds and lift our spirit. We work with balancing strength and flexibility through the asana (posture) and pranayama, (breath work) with mindfulness. You can expect to walk away feeling rejuvenated, calm and centred in body, mind and spirit. Book a class:


Our Slow Flow is a great class to help unwind tension from the body, take your time to breath and be in the practise with longer holds and slower transitions than a Vinyasa class. Finishing with deep Restorative postures and sweet savasana… A beautiful class to use movement to bring us to stillness and wellbeing. *Thursday’s  7.30pm _________________________________________________________


Please note, these classes are for students who have been practicing yoga regularly for at least six month for intermediate and 12 months for advanced. We suggest that if you are coming to the advanced class you should be able to come into a handstand at the wall and do a full wheel pose with straight arms. We also ask that new students to the studio do not come to the advanced class during their intro week, so that we get to know your practice first.

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Our Rise and Shine classes offer a 60 min energising general level Vinyasa Flow class to help us start the new day in a healthy and vibrant way! Flow, breath, focus and connect. Just $15 or normal BYS class passes or membership options can be used. Rise & Shine with us every Monday to Friday 6am and Saturday 7am.

Please note this class does not run on Public Holidays.

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Yoga Foundations is our beginners class and is suitable for anyone who would like to visit the foundation principles and alignment of an asana (physical) practice as well as the foundations and benefits of the practice. This class will help balance strength and flexibility as we progress our understanding of yoga in a safe and considered manner. This class will also give you the confidence and knowledge to join our general level vinyasa classes when you are ready. YOGA FOUNDATIONS runs each Tuesday and Wednesday night at 7.30-8.30pm.

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Yoga Strength is a designed to help you build strength and create solid foundations. Empower your practice and be supported as you work towards more challenging yoga postures in an inspiring and progressive environment. All levels are welcome and class bookings online or at the door. Monday’s 7.30pm

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Come home to yourself. A deeply nourishing class combing supported restorative yoga poses, meditation, pranayama and yoga nidra. This class will allow you the space and time to connect deeply with yourself. We offer regular Super Restorative weekend Sessions with Jacqui and Marian Cavanagh. For details and to book see our events page.

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Our SUNDAY 5.30pm YIN Restorative Yoga Class offers a weekly reset providing you with the time and space to quieter the mind, deepen your connection to and explore your inner world. Poses are mostly floor based, supported by props such as bolsters, blankets and blocks and held for up to 5 minutes. In this way, our practise deepens calm in the body and mind and replenishes the functionality of joints, fascia (connective tissue) and overall mobility. This class is suitable for all levels including beginners and all those looking to reduce muscular tension as well as support a busy exercise program or just find a dedicated quiet practise during a busy week. Each class will finish with deep relaxation of savasana. ________________________________________________________

GODDESS FLOW – Women’s Only Class

This specialised class will encompasses ways to help us unwind stress, recharge our bodies and clear our minds. Combining teachings from traditional yogic philosophy and more modern philosophy the class will provide an opportunity to tap into our deepest source of empowerment, creativity and joy. All ladies and all experience welcome and normal class prices/passes apply. Running each Friday 1030-1130am.



  • Running on Wednesday 4.30-5.10pm during the Kids Yoga Term*
  • $15 casual/$70 whole block
  • Book in via the class timetable or just come along. Please call us if you have any queries
  • Our KIDS YOGA classes are suitable for ages 4-9 and bookings are not required
  • These classes aim to empower our special little yogis with self confidence, resilience, strength, flexibility, focus and fun in a supportive environment