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    Join us for a special Goddess SHAKTI Masterclass – energising and vitalising for body, mind and spirit.  In this extended session with Jacqui, enjoy manifesting more abundance through a creative Lakshmi practise including sacred Meditation..

  • The Subtle Body

    The Subtle Body which is also known as Yogic Anatomy can be seen through the yogic map of consciousness of 3 Bodies: Physical, Astral and Causal within which we have 5 Koshas. The Five Koshas..

  • Time-Out for the Soul

    One of the greatest gifts of practising yoga is that you can do it anytime and anyplace. It doesn’t need to be time consuming either; even a five-minute stretch or meditation or breath practise can..

  • KIRTAN & Sound Meditation

    Join us and Lakshmi Sounds for our next uplifting and heart opening Friday night fairy-lit Kirtan… Mantra, sound meditation and group Kirtan is a traditional practice that helps us open the heart, bring peace to..

  • Breathe the World Away – Make Meditation Part of your Day

    We live in exciting times; technological advances are exploding around us, all corners of the world are interconnected and accessible as never before, most of our ambitions have entered the realm of the possible thanks..