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Moe has a deep interest in enhancing human performance. His introduction to yoga was initially to seek out a relaxing environment which fostered recovery from his other strenuous physical activities. Slowly, yoga became a major part of his physical activities and he saw immense benefits from the incorporation of yoga in his daily life. His practice is focused on the accuracy of alignments, creative sequencing and encouraging students to safely step beyond the physical and mental boundaries.

He is passionate about the mind body nexus and has interest in different styles of meditation with the purpose of improving one’s quality of life. He sees mindfulness as an essential tool for an individual to step outside the craziness of the mind and also sees yoga as an effective medium to practice the incorporation of mindfulness into daily life challenges.

For Moe, the most rewarding part of teaching yoga is observing the incremental improvements in his students’ physical and mental state which in return motivates him to have a stronger more focused personal practice.