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Stumbling across yoga in her late teens, Kim was intrigued yet unaware of how just how integral the practice would become in her daily life. A decade later, yoga had become a safe haven in times of challenge, turmoil, transformation and growth; as well as a source of great joy, playfulness, love and ease. Discovering the delights and support that yoga offers physically, mentally and spiritually was an absolute blessing, and the motivation to share this experience with others led Kim to complete the Live Your Bliss 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Inna Bliss in 2016.

Specialising in alignment-based vinyasa, Kim loves to create strong, flowing yet nurturing classes, encouraging students to test their edges of expansion whilst honoring the softer, introspective contractions. She aims to support students to feel empowered by reconnecting with their bodies and breath, to feel what it is they need to feel at any moment, and know that they are supported and safe to do so.