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Jaimee came to Yoga over a decade ago when her first class made it immediately clear that Yoga could support her through health challenges and emotional upheavals. Involved in different businesses and roles that involved individualized coaching, training and travel, Jaimee fell in love with the yoga community and made it her choice to always have yoga as her ‘big rock’ in life. Her personal practice and ongoing teacher training in the Iyengar method, and daily meditation practice, continues to bring resonance of truth, that we are all one, everything is impermanent, and that the true journey is within.

Jaimee has completed her 350hr teacher training with respected trainer Kate Pell, practices regularly with her teacher Jamie Denham, and is currently studying her 400hr teacher training with senior Iyengar teacher Simon Marrocco.

“Yoga Asana and meditation is an essential ingredient in surviving the pressures of modern life. Both teach me focus and resilience. They provide me the space and the tools to heal my body, not take life too seriously, and challenge me to be present in each and every moment.”Jaimee