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Emily is a former lawyer turned yoga teacher, she has been practicing yoga since her first year of University in 1997 and it has been a constant companion through all of her adventures in life since. Yoga has become an essential tool for Emily to cultivate the calm mind, strong body and positive outlook she relies on to be the best version of herself.

Brisbane Yoga Space is Emily’s home away from home and she recently deepened her practice by completing 250+ hour Vinyasa teacher training with her mentors Jacqui and Heather.  What began as a quest for the perfect ‘crow’ pose evolved into an integrated body, mind and soul practice, and a strong desire to share her love of yoga through teaching.  Emily believes that the way we ‘do’ our yoga is the way we ‘do’ our life and that the lessons in discipline, humility, restraint, strength and awareness serve us both on the mat and in our every day.

Emily’s Vinyasa classes are thoughtfully sequenced to build strength, flexibility and concentration and her Restorative classes are a tonic for our hectic lives.  Join Emily at 7.30pm on Thursdays to  combat that feeling of overdrive and cultivate the skill of conscious relaxation as you let tension and stress melt away from your body, mind and soul.