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Our Teachers

All of our teachers are highly qualified and passionate vinyasa teachers, come meet them and learn a little more about why they teach and love yoga.

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Meet our Teachers:


Movement and play are a way of life for Nirvana.  For her, to be conscious in the body allows for a deepening of connection to the present moment and a joy of being to emerge.  She started yoga as a way to relieve stress from her work and personal life.  Nirvana also began circus classes to look for something fun to do with a friend.  This with yoga came to be a new direction in her life.  Leaving behind her job as a high school teacher, Nirvana embarked on journey of yoga, circus and acroyoga.  She has trained in Hatha Yoga, Creative Vinyasa, Mindfulness based training, AntiGravity Yoga and Acroyoga.  She has also had personal tuition with teachers in Sakshin Ghatashta and Ashtanga and done numerous workshops and trainings in Australia and overseas.  Nirvana’s classes focus on alignment based flow to warm and invigorate the body but also look to bring consciousness to the moment to moment experience with music to inspire your desire to move.


Stumbling across yoga in her late teens, Kim was intrigued yet unaware of how just how integral the practice would become in her daily life. A decade later, yoga had become a safe haven in times of challenge, turmoil, transformation and growth; as well as a source of great joy, playfulness, love and ease. Discovering the delights and support that yoga offers physically, mentally and spiritually was an absolute blessing, and the motivation to share this experience with others led Kim to complete the Live Your Bliss 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Inna Bliss in 2016.

Specialising in alignment-based vinyasa, Kim loves to create strong, flowing yet nurturing classes, encouraging students to test their edges of expansion whilst honoring the softer, introspective contractions. She aims to support students to feel empowered by reconnecting with their bodies and breath, to feel what it is they need to feel at any moment, and know that they are supported and safe to do so.



Katie is a passionate teacher who lives and breathes yoga! She completed her first teacher training with Yogi Nomad in Nepal in 2012. Inspired by her teachers, she completed further studies with Ayurveda College in Byron Bay and the Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai in 2013. Katie has also completed a Post Graduate Diploma of Yoga Therapy (Yoga Therapy Australia.

Forever grateful to the way yoga continues to enrich her life and the incredible people who cross her path Katie can’t wait to share yoga with you. Teaching a creative vinyasa flow style come to her classes to move and breathe, to open your heart and open your mind and have your own personal and unique experience.



Sarah began yoga as a means to prevent injury while training for long distance running events. She soon came to realise the many benefits yoga has to offer beyond injury prevention, however, and quickly developed a daily practice. Sarah underwent her training to become a registered yoga teacher while studying human biology at the University of California Berkeley, and has since continued her studies at the University of Queensland as a medical student. Her intention is to use yoga as a vehicle to bridge the gap between Western medicine and Eastern tradition in the hopes of achieving better and more holistic health outcomes for both her students and future patients.


Heather first stepped onto a yoga mat at university in 1981 when she was dragged to her first class and floated out the door. A qualified Mountain Guide since 1985 and Certified Fitness Professional since 1990, she has an ongoing love of the outdoors, cycling, swimming and running. She commenced her RYT 200 teacher training certification with Julie Smerdon in 2013. In 2014 she graduated from the Sianna Sherman Yoga Academy in Los Angeles with a further RYT 200 teacher training certification.

Heather’s classes are challenging and informative with an emphasis on physical alignment, whilst drawing on her love of myth, mudra and mantra to guide your practice. She believes a consistent yoga practice helps you achieve your highest level of wellbeing, both physically and emotionally, because, as Heather realised after her very first yoga class, the lessons learned on the mat are lessons for life.


As a four year old Emma used to watch my mother do yoga and she taught her how to meditate as a way to keep calm during asthma attacks. What followed was decades of interest in alternative methods of healing along with dips into various styles of yoga – ashtanga, hatha, kundalini and jivamukti.

Emma completed the Brisbane Yoga Space Teacher Training after studying with us at BYS since 2006. Emma loves a flowing creative yoga style and lots of breathing cues to help keep brain, body and spirit unified. The unifying aspect of yoga and Ayurveda as sister sciences of healing physically, emotionally and spiritually are something she aims to incorporate in all her classes.


Yoga has been a part of my life for over 10 years, I’m continuously amazed and humbled by the power of this practice both on and off the mat.

Formerly a certified Black Belt Nia teacher Anya has completed her RYT 200 teacher training certification at Shri Yoga with Julie Smerdon. She combines alignment and flow with inner awareness and world music into a blissful movement experience.  Anya has been facilitating conscious movement classes and retreats in Australia and Internationally for over 15 years. Anya’s philosophy is that synergy of Breath, Music and Movement connects us to universal joy, fosters communities, and provides transformational pathways towards conscious living.




Dee is an energetic Irish yoga teacher who completed teacher training here at Brisbane Yoga Space. Having practiced yoga for the past six years Dee found a passion for yoga due to its ability to train the mind and body while nurturing the soul. Come to Dee’s classes where you will experience a combination of her gorgeous Irish wit, creative sequencing and insight into yoga philosophy.



Martin (Marty) came to yoga around fourteen years ago as a means to improve both performance and recovery as a professional ballet dancer, as well as seeking something to calm the turbulent waters of a busy mind. Yoga immediately took on a central role in Marty’s life and has influenced every facet of it ever since. Passionate about the many aspects of yoga and the great boons it bestows, Marty finds himself as much at home in the meditative and contemplative practices of yoga as he does in a strong and fluid physical practice. Completing Yoga teacher training with Being Yoga in September 2013 was the culmination of a long and rich adventure and the beginning of one even greater!



Sheila has been practicing yoga for the past seven years, but her journey really began when she moved to Brisbane five years ago and found her teacher and mentor. While she continues to study and practice several different styles, her training in Anusara influences her practice and teachings by providing a focus on the beauty and delight the world holds, and finding the highest self, the divine, in all bodies, experiences, and challenges that life has to offer. Through a combination of soft and strong practice, she uses music, words, and the breath, to help students tap into themselves. Sheila aims to challenge your mind and your body, and to inspire people to bring the freedom and fullness they feel on the mat, into their lives and the world.