Private, kids & corporate yoga

Yoga to suit you!

Our teachers are available to take yoga out of the studio and into your workplace, home or school. With our increasingly busy lives and hectic schedules we understand that it is often difficult to get to a regular yoga class.

Please contact us for more information or our rates for any of our non-studio yoga offerings.

  • Corporate Yoga

    We love Corporate Yoga and have been providing quality corporate yoga classes for over 10 years in Brisbane. Our corporate classes are structured to suit your unique working environment, your employees and your working day. Whether you need a teacher at 6am, midday or 6pm, we offer fun, creative dynamic Vinyasa classes which help the […]

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  • Kids yoga

    Yoga is an invaluable tool of fun, learning, health and growth for kids and teens. Through yoga, young people can have fun while developing health, fitness and self-confidence. In addition, yoga helps young people to de-stress. learn self-discipline, stay focused and develop a happy, positive attitude. We teach children’s and teen yoga at schools, in […]

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  • Private Yoga

    Personalised yoga lessons are one of the most effective form of Yoga, and one of the quickest way to reach your goals. The whole concept of a Yoga “class” is relatively new as compared to the history of the practice. For centuries Yoga was not taught in group classes, but as a one-on-one practice. The […]

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