Our yoga styles

Our yoga styles are outlined below. Classes cost $20 casually, $85 for a 5 class pass (2 month expiry), $160 for a 10 class pass (3 month expiry) and $170 for a monthly unlimited. We also offer a 3 month unlimited pass for $420, 6 monthly unlimited pass for $780 and 12 months for $1440.

Intermediate / Advanced Vinyasa Yoga

Please note, these classes are for students who have been practicing yoga regularly for at least six month for intermediate and 12 months for advanced. We suggest that if you are coming to the advanced class you should be able to kick up to handstand at the wall and do a full wheel pose with straight arms. We also ask that new students to the studio do not come to the advanced class during their intro week, so that we get to know your practice first.

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Rise and Shine Yoga

A 60 min energising flow class that is suitable for all levels but some knowledge of asanas is useful as we move quite quickly to get the body warmed up and ready for the day ahead. Just $15!

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Yoga Foundations

Yoga foundations is our beginners class and is suitable for anyone who would like to visit the foundation principles and alignment of an asana (physical) practice as well as touching on the yogic philosophy behind the practice. This class will give you the confidence and know-how to join our general level vinyasa classes when you are ready.

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General Vinyasa

Our general vinyasa classes are suitable for all  levels and focus on linking yoga postures in a flowing sequence that enhance our bodies, minds and lift our spirit. You can expect to walk away feeling rejuvinated! Our hatha class is very similar to the above but you can expect a slower pace and more gentle practice.

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Our men’s only class does what it says on the tin! The class will focus on the foundations of yoga as well as exploring the poses that stretch and strengthen the male body where it needs it most. Suitable for all chaps, and especially those who practice another sport – surfing, running, cycling, football and rugby – and need a little help repairing tight muscles and old injuries.

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Come home to yourself. A deeply nourishing class combing supported restorative yoga poses, meditation, pranayama and yoga nidra. This class will allow you the space and time to connect deeply with yourself.

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