About Us


Jacqui French (YA)

Studying and practising Yoga for over 12 years, Jacqui continues the lifelong journey of growth, sharing and discovery of the infinite facets of Yoga. Attracted to the wholeness, balance and bliss of Classical Hatha yoga, Jacqui has also studied Iyengar, Ashtanga, Radiant Light Yoga and Sivananda Yoga to now teach her balance of Hatha Flow Yoga with deep awareness on the flow of prana, our vital life force, developed together with inner poise, strength, and grace of classical Yoga.  

Jacqui is a member of the Yoga Teacher's Association of Australia (YTAA) and is also trained under the Radiant Child Yoga Program for specialist Children's Yoga and under the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Madurai, India.  Jacqui trained in Level 1 and 2 under Adam and Akash Bornstein of Radiant Light Yoga.  In 2014 Jacqui will undertake a further advanced training with Lotus Flow (TM) with Keren in Bali - both Keren and Jacqui love the opportunity to be students themselves.

Keren Cooksey (YAI-RYT 500 Gold)

Keren began her yoga journey 17 years ago and immediately fell head over heels in love with the practice. Her regular practise led her to travel to India in 2002 where she practised a variety of yoga styles as she travelled and upon return she trained with the Iyengar teachers at Bristol City Yoga and learnt the importance of a holistic approach to yoga, combining the physical asanas with meditation, pranayama, relaxation and karma yoga.

Keren is passionate about continuing to expand her understanding and knowledge of yoga and has undertaken Hatha Yoga training in Brisbane, studied at the Jivamukti and Laughing Lotus studios in New York and undertaken many different workshops and trainings with master teachers around the globe. In 2011 Keren undertook teacher training with Jivamukti teacher, Michelle Merrifield at Essence of Living Yoga, in 2012 Keren furthered her studies with Laughing Lotus in San Fransisco to become a Lotus Flow(TM) teacher and in 2013 she studied a level 2 Kundalini teacher training module with Guru Dass. 2014 will see Keren undertake an advanced teacher training in  Lotus Flow to keep her passion for study alive! Keren enjoys sharing her love and passion for Yoga with others. Students are welcomed into a nurturing environment where they are encouraged to gently challenge themselves and develop a strong practise and love of yoga.  Keren is a 500 Gold Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher.

"Yoga truly is a journey within, to the discovery of our true nature, peace and inner bliss. A sacred transformational tool to expand our hearts and live with Spirit."
Om Namah Sivaya, Jacqui